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News Letter

Month: August 2013

Universal Human Rights Commission is pleased to announce for the benefit of its viewers and readers that, in line with our policies to give awareness on many significant social, educational, and political fields we have assumed the role to give latest updates on all fields of life that relates to our nation and country – Pakistan.


The status of any nation or country can be measured from this fact that any country under discussion is progressing to what extent in areas of life – exclusively in education field. The important role of education for any country is its major role in bringing change in the overall segments of the society and nation.

Likewise many other less advanced countries, Pakistan has unable to perch upon an impressive place, in the field of education, for the obvious reasons that, our country greatly suffers from low economic status, unplanned and increased population, lack of proper dispensation of national resources, lack of readiness to exploit the natural resources, so on and so forth.

In addition to it, the level of promotion of education and educational research that relates to scientific discoveries, socio-economic advancement which pragmatically leads to the materialization of the goals set-forth for the development of any country.

Current scenario of education development of our country has two aspects. First is, our education system was based on European model that includes primary schools and KG schools, colleges, and universities. A survey indicates that one million graduates every year by completing their education are entering into their practical lives and start to do professional jobs.

Despite lapsing over a half century, our country couldn't achieve the same progress, similarly to any advanced country in Asia, like Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, or China. Overall literary rate isn't covetable, even that is very terrible to note that, it's 57.7 percent that is entirely unsatisfactory and below the neighboring countries' literacy rate.

The latest situation shows that the number of colleges and universities being established in private and public sector indicate that Pakistan is steadily progressing in the field of education. Thus, with the passage of time, our country will achieve a reasonable headway in the lower primary, middle, secondary, and higher secondary level education.


The health sector of Pakistan has always remained, one of the neglected sectors, thus it needs proper attention by the higher authorities, at the helm of affairs in current government. Out of many reasons, population explosion is the major reason that is terribly hindering the overall development, as number of target beneficiaries is increasing every day, every month, as well as every year.

Although corruption has permeated in all departments of public sector that includes health sector either. The corruption includes mismanagement of funds allocated to this sector – a remarkable pilferage of national resources that results in giving a major loss to the health sector, lack of proper infrastructure, lack of readiness to serve the patients by the doctors and paramedical staff, and so on.

Few other examples of corruption are such that, public health sector has badly affected, in the shape of illegal fee charged from the patients, modification of financial documents of patients that leads to gain financial benefit by the health sector internal staff, lack of interest by staff or irregularity in the duties of health sector functionaries, hiring made on the basis of nepotism and favoritism thereby neglecting the merit.

This poses grave situations for the deserving candidates, who are deprived of their due right of employment in health sector. In addition to above, staff behavior of public health sector is also not worth mentioning, which also needs to be monitored to bring improvement in the way of treatment of patients by the nursing and other para-medical staff of public health sector.

Due to budget constraints, public health sector's lack of readiness to conduct the researches about the prevailing diseases, before they diffuse on local, regional, or national level. This issue is Pakistan's major problem that also hinders the overall progress of health of the citizens of our country.

Every citizen of this country knows the hospitals plight is deplorable, there are no medicines, no proper arrangement to deal the patients, many patients even die in public sector hospitals, which is a real cause of concern for everyone.

piat piat piat