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The people of our nation and country are facing massive problems and issues, owing to lacking a system of proper dispensation of our national resources, thus the poverty of poor is increasing, yet the rich is becoming exceedingly richer, by dint of its strong logistic and financial infrastructure.

Even the government is extending its every possible support to the rich segment of society, in order to make them more prosperous, and helping them to scale new heights of development with leaps and bounds, yet the sad state of affairs is that, the number of poor people lapsing a pathetic life are increasing day be day, and there is no proper support for them in our society and country.

To decrease the alarming growth of poverty, indigence, ignorance, sickness, as well as other human suffering, the affluent segment of the society, should come forward to play its role for their rehabilitation, enhance their living standards to a satisfactory level, so that they could also lapse a life that is enjoyed by a respectable member of our society and nation.

piat piat piat