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  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
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About Us

Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is a non-commercial and non- denominational trust that is aimed to provide services to humanity, in multi-dimensional areas, as our trust's programmatic working area isn't limited to any single country.

This trust is privileged to lead as Chairman by Mr. Tahir Bhatti Rajput, who is a highly experienced professional, who has very extensive background of welfare services, not only for the people of this metropolis, even for the whole nation and country for the last over 10 years.

He is owning and running a training institute as Chairman and Principal, with the name and title of, Professional Institute of Airline Technology (PIAT), a very famous training centre in avionic students is operating for the last many years, at Karachi.

He is Executive Editor of Crime News Magazines, for the last many years, and have got published many highly public welfare-oriented reports and articles in the magazine. As he has extensively travelled to many foreign countries, thus he has far more exposure in varied fields of life.

Under the aegis of this trust that is supervised by its life Chairman, Executive Committee Members of Trust, as well as the Members affiliated to this trust, services provided to needy people are ranging from health, education, and legal assistance.

Moreover, financial and legal support is being extended to the less privileged people who are languishing their lives in jails not only in Pakistan, even at other parts of the world, financial support to needy people and widows, creating opportunities of employment through catering highly advanced studies in different fields of education, most exclusively in avionic education, and above all, extending support for the promotion of skills in areas of Information Technology, English Language, and so on.

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