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Voice raised on the platform of Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP) to PROTEST against Human Rights violation in so many areas of national and international level, the reports published in our monthly magazines—like 'Crime Observer' and 'Pakistan Citizens' for the following were as under:

  • Kidnapping case of the young school girl namely
  • Kidnapping case of the young boy namely – brother of young school girl namely
  • Illegal arrest and brutal steps against the Lady Judge in Venezuela
  • Attacking and killing of over 140 students of Army Public School Peshawar in KPK by the extremists
  • Attacking and killing of a Christian couple by the mob in a surrounding town of Lahore, in the guise of, desecrating 'the Holy Quranic pages,

Coverage of important and historical events?

  • Coverage about the developments made during 'Zarb-e Azb' by Armed forces exclusively the significant role of Honorable Chief of Army Staff, Raheel Shareef, in bringing landmark betterment in the areas—like (a) law and order situation in the country exclusively at Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Waziristan, and border linked to Afghan, curtailing the street crimelessness, tragic events of extremism and terrorism, and above all best strategy to diffuse the tension and improve the situation over the borders of Pakistan and India,
  • Covered the historical services rendered by the legend and illustrious social welfare services provider - Dr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (late), Founder Chairman of Edhi Foundation … at the special occasion at his death occasion,
 Protest against Human Rights Violation (In Urdu Language) pdf 3.13 MB
 Kidnapping of Young School Girl (In Urdu Language) pdf 2.52 MB
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