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Avionic Training

Professional Institute of Airline Technology (PIAT) is a recognized and registered institute that is aimed to cater the avionic courses in diversified fields, to the students and professionals of our country.

PIAT's one of many exclusive features is that, during its past academic sessions, many foreign students have also taken admission at our institute and by completing their studies they are now working in highly prestigious institutions of the world.

PIAT is privileged to have far more recognitions, like once remained the authoriclasszed training partner of IATA, registered with SBTE – a provincial level Govt. authorized registering body. Moreover, it is affiliated with ICAO, an international level organization either.

PIAT, keeping its best image and impression not only in the metropolis, even all over the country, for this purpose UHRCP has assumed the responsibility to extend its funding for the promotion of the noble cause of education that means, the PIAT has started to work under the umbrella of UHRCP.

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