• Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is interested to launch a newsletter highlighting therein ....
  • we are continuously taking the steps to move forward steadily by offering our services to the less ....
  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
  • Although we are providing our every possible support, yet we would like to request all other kind hearted ....


I feel immense pleasure to brief you about our trust that has been established in the year 2010 at this metropolis with a noble cause, to serve the humanity. This means that the scope of services of our trust is not restricted to any one country, even we have made a firm commitment and pledge to the whole humanity to work in diversified areas and raise their living condition at par to the developed segment of the societies of the world, which means, the trust's programmatic area is worldwide.

UHRCP is a non-commercial and non-communal welfare trust that is serving keeping a highly famous slogan in view "think globally yet act locally." Thus drawing inspiration from this touching perspective, we are continuously taking the steps forward by offering our services to the less privileged segment of the society, in areas of health, education, skills development and personal grooming, legal assistance, legal support to those who are decaying their lives in the jails of this metropolis initially, and later on support would be extended for the prisoners of other parts of the world, financial support to widows, and so forth.

With the passage of time, not we would establish the branches of trust on national, provincial even on district level either, yet owing to lack of funds we have unable to promote our objective in this most specific area.

As we are providing the services to the needy people within the limits of our capacities, yet as the volume of services is very wider and broader, thus to fulfill our objectives, we need support of kind hearted people, not only from our country, even we would like to request the international donors to come forward and extend their blessing hands for this noble cause.

For this purpose, the international donors or donor agencies can donate their funds as well as transport, yet we would request to our country based donors or donor agencies to apart from donating funds, they are also requested to donate vans or any other autos, furniture, any piece of plot, and so on.

For each and every type of support not only the management and members of our trust, even the beneficiaries of this trust would also be grateful to your honor, for this act of kindness.

N. A. Tahir Bhatti

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