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Health Care

Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP) has made its mandate to serve the humanity not in multi-dimensional areas even it would significantly focus on health and fitness, as health is a dispensable part of human life. Without achieving a healthy physique, it isn't possible to think a successful and happy life.

Keeping this objective in mind, UHRCP is planning to start a health care project that is exclusively related to launching a mobile dispensary, ambulance service, eye test laboratory, and so on. When the number of beneficiaries would increase, we would establish main dispensaries in all provincial head quarters as well as tehsil-level head quarters in Pakistan. Apart from our country, these services would also be extended to the countries across the world (yet that is subject to availability of funds).

We understand that health sector is entirely neglected not only in our country, even it is also neglected all over the world, as whatever significance could be given, it hasn't received as yet. Although advanced western world has made remarkable headway in health field, yet they haven't unable to achieve the best levels of health that could be considered a model for the whole world.

Out of many instances, single biggest reason of a health issue of western world is massive substance abuse, relatively to other parts of the world. As western world massively use the liquor and similar beverages, as part of their diet and food, yet these beverages have dangerous as well as adverse impact over the health of the citizens of western world.

Many people of western world are using such medical yet unnatural options to die before their natural death that is rarely seen in other parts of the world. Moreover, there is a tendency to look for most painless suicide options in the western world. All these indicate worse health issues in the western world, relatively to less advanced countries of the world.

Looking all these scenarios in view, we have decided to work on varied subjects of health, which could not only be helpful to improve the health condition, even we would play our role to persuade those who are willing to opt for suicide, to abandon this dangerous decision, and we would guide them to the useful citizen of the society.

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