• Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is interested to launch a newsletter highlighting therein ....
  • we are continuously taking the steps to move forward steadily by offering our services to the less ....
  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
  • Although we are providing our every possible support, yet we would like to request all other kind hearted ....


History of UHRCP dates back to 1998, when the management headed by Mr. N. A. Tahir Bhatti Rajput, Chairman realized that in our society, the situation of poverty is increasing day by day, owing to lack of employment, higher inflation of the daily commodities and international recession, people were lacking support in the field of legal matters, needy students were looking for an institute – where students are given free training, to provide them free training enabling them to enhance their skills and competency, to stand on their own footings, and so on, thus it was felt that to provide the services, in all these areas, a platform needs to be developed where, people could access to us, and we would extend every possible support to them.

Thus, we started our operations in early 1998, and got our human rights commission registered in 2010, thus made sufficient developments, for the last around two decades, in the areas—like Avionic Training to zakat dependent students, legal assistance to those who are highly poor and indigent people, support to helpless people in the shape of Zakaat and Sadqaat, and so on.

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