• Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is interested to launch a newsletter highlighting therein ....
  • we are continuously taking the steps to move forward steadily by offering our services to the less ....
  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
  • Although we are providing our every possible support, yet we would like to request all other kind hearted ....


UHRCP has made its commitment to serve the people of country, and even extend our support to humanity, so that, we could root out the deep sense of deprivation of peole from the acute lack of amenities of life – the rich is enjoying at the moment. Our comprehensive aims and objectives are stated as under:

  • To support the needy people in all areas of life.
  • To establish schools, dispensaries, technical training centres, and so on.
  • To construct buildings for the school, dispensaries, technical training centres, hospitals, colleges, and so forth.
  • To provide every type of support to people affected by natural disasters
  • To provide opportunities to enhance the skills, in diversified domains, like English language skills, Computer software development skills, computer hardware skills, sales and marketing skills, aviation field skills, and so forth.
  • Access and reach to the people who are subjected to brutal tortures, illegal captivities, sexual abuse, or having no access to justice, would be provided every possible legal support, until the affected person doesn't gets out of his predicament.
  • To provide scholarships, arrange study tours to highly talented students of higher secondary schools, colleges, and universities.
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