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UHRCP feels delighted that it is being run by a highly dedicated team of 'Executive Committee Members' that is headed by its Chairman, Mr. N. A. Tahir Bhatti (Rajput). In view of the rules and regulations formulated in our bye-law, the executive committee is nominated by its general body members that was held on 05 Jan 2011, thus each and every member of UHRCP has extensive experience of their respective field.

UHRCP has made its plans to induct new members from all fields of life, who are highly talented enabling them to play their due role for the betterment of our society and humanity.

So anyone interested in serving the humanity on the platform of UHRCP, they should happy contact at our office, we wholeheartedly welcome them. To apply for membership, they should submit their all important documents pertaining to their experience as well as educational background, so that, by looking into their education and experience, a relevant portfolio could be assigned to them, to serve in this human rights commission.

Required Documents for fresh Members

Members should furnish the following documents—like Educational documents, experience certificates, courses completed, and any citation or awards given, copy of CNIC/Passport, and latest photograph to the office of UHRCP, during the working hours-like 1000 Hrs to 1700 Hrs.

Selection of Regional Head & Overseas country Head

The management of UHRCP considers it important to hire the highly competent and talented people for the posts of

  • Regional Head
  • Overseas country Head
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