• Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is interested to launch a newsletter highlighting therein ....
  • we are continuously taking the steps to move forward steadily by offering our services to the less ....
  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
  • Although we are providing our every possible support, yet we would like to request all other kind hearted ....


The Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP) is established to promote its welfare support mission and mandate to not only this metropolis, even to other parts of the world.

And this aim is possible to achieve by raising funds through donors and donor agencies from across the world, so those who love to serve the humanity, without any regard of caste, creed, and ethnic or communal affiliation they immediately come forward, and extend their every possible support and assistance to such needy people.

As we have made remarkable progress through catering services to the less privileged people of not only this metropolis, even for the people of our country, so to extend our services in diversified fields of life, the charitable support from across the world is very vital, as it isn't possible to handle all welfare projects, by a trust single-handedly.

The past experiences show that Pakistan likewise past, can again possibly be target of floods in the aftermath of torrential rains as well as the earthquakes, so in such situations, by forecasting and predicting the precarious situation of our country, we have started raising as well as making provision of funds for such natural disasters, to support the affected people for their rehabilitation, food, health, medicines and medication, and above all providing of shelters to them.

Owing to lacking reasonable timely support, to the affected people of the last year's floods they are still lingering from different social and financial issues – a critically cause of concern for our Trust, so we have started to collect the funds for the unexpected natural debacles by the members associated with this trust, even we urge other kind hearted people of not only of Pakistan, even other parts of the world to come forward and extend their blessing hands for the noble cause of service to the humanity.

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