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  • Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan is interested to launch a newsletter highlighting therein ....
  • we are continuously taking the steps to move forward steadily by offering our services to the less ....
  • The objectives of our trust are not limited to any single aim, as usually being focused by many NGOs and Trusts
  • Although we are providing our every possible support, yet we would like to request all other kind hearted ....

Welcome to Universal Human Rights Commision of Pakistan

The Universal Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (UHRCP) had started its operations in 1998 at this metropolis, by providing support to the needy people in diversified fields, yet this trust was got registered in 2010, looking its effectiveness, its broader outreach to the people of even remote areas of this metropolis, and by extending every possible support to the highly down trodden people of this mega city and country.

Now UHRCP has substantially progressed and developed ever since, it was initially started to work, when our resources were meager.

It is a matter of great pride for the management and members associated with the human rights commission – UHRCP that it has extended its every possible support in not only social and financial areas, even it has extended its support in legal areas, thus a bigger number of effected people have thus far received the relief and help in the shape of; (a) getting prepared the CNICs from NADRA which were lying pending for inordinate periods, (b) assisted in getting the justice in the cases of plundering the money of helpless and innocent people by the influential and corrupt people, in the name of giving jobs in public sector exclusively in Police Department, (c) provided assistance to those affected due to kidnapping of their children, (d) financial assistance to the needy people, through our zakat and sadqat head (e) providing free-of-cost avionic training to the needy students, (f) assisting in getting employment in all sectors, exclusively in public sector department for the needy exclusively to disable people, and so on.

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